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Who we are

Driven by a common spirit of collaboration, Atelier d’Amis strives to create pieces & spaces that go beyond luxury furniture & interiors, aiming instead at creating conversation pieces. Their work embodies the singular vision of three friends: furniture entrepreneur Philippe Boccara, artist and designer Sébastien Léon, and interior architect Valérie Pasquiou. Although they are based in New York and Los Angeles, the production of their designs takes place in Italy, thanks to the expert hands of skilled Italian craftsmen.



Signature Style

A sculptural approach to furniture-making, inspired by the fusion of French and American aesthetics. Exceptional Italian craftsmanship, innovative materials, and progressive manufacturing processes are the hallmarks of Atelier d’Amis, a unique player in the world of fine contemporary furniture.

Cortland Bookcase by atelier d'amis - The Invisible Collection
Cortland Bookcase by atelier d'amis - The Invisible Collection

They love

New York’s chaos, California’s vastness and the French affinity for fantasy. Contemporary art galleries and craftsmen’s workshops. And lines. They love lines.


Sebastien’s sound sculptures for the Palais de Tokyo and the Plaza Athénée in Paris. His 35-story sound sculpture than runs through the pipes of a building in Turkey and collects sound from different floors and reorganizes them into a multichannel symphony. His experiential installations for Audemars Piguet at the Park Avenue Armory in New York and at the abandoned Tanjong Pagar train station in Singapore… Valerie’s new multi-faceted headquarters for Swarovski North America; her renovation of a Haussmanian duplex on the Champs de Mars in Paris. Her contemporary take on the interior of a New York Beaux Arts tower, and the interior design of a vast townhouse in Basel.


© Photo : Rémy Amezcua / Valentina Angeloni

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