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Born in Paris and raised in West Africa, Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert is a French-American craftsman who has spent over twenty years perfecting freehand glass-blowing techniques that he learned during a cosmopolitan apprenticeship between the United States and Europe alongside the greatest masters, from 1998 to 2007. That year, he settled in France, where he divided his time between work in studios and participation in residencies, workshops and conferences. In 2015, he opened his own studio within a historic fine artisans’ district in Paris.

Signature Style

Mixing passion, creativity, know-how and collaboration within a team in which transmission plays a decisive role, Jeremy’s creations are all freehand-blown, without a mold. Elegant, sensual, often colorful and always luminous, they combine tradition, modernity and anticipation, and remain inhabited by the movement that formed them. In all their radiance, these unique works reflect multiple facets of glass and its creative potential, drawing from creative freedom, the time to experiment, and a forward-looking inventiveness developed in a spirit of independence and boldness.

Freehand glassblowing is one of the variants of glassblowing. Jeremy never uses a rigid mold to create the final shape of an object. He draws not only from a know-how that he has been developing for twenty years, but also from mastered gestures and the intelligence of his hand, and a trust in his experienced eye. He has to constantly play with gravity, movement and the temperature of the material, primitive, mysterious and dangerous. Jeremy starts with a fusion of transparent glass – a mixture of silica and minerals fused in an oven at 1280-degrees -; a technical process that requires concentration, patience and vigilance and from which forms the base of each creation. Colour is added at the moment of blowing. One such technique, filigrane, takes the form of pigmented glass canes that are applied while hot working the piece. Always eager to optimize the integration of his creations into various spaces, the JMW team develops innovative lighting systems and decorative brass hanging structures that bring the beauty of the works to perfection, while ensuring their durability, facilitating their installation and maintenance, and guaranteeing the safety of users.

The Invisible Collection Molten Chandelier Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert
The Invisible Collection Autumn Light Chandelier Jeremy Maxwell
The Invisible Collection Cloud Lamp Jeremy Maxwell


Cloud is shaped by the creator’s breath. It symbolizes both the passage and the suspension of time. Its contemplative nature is sublimated by a contemporary and elegant shape presenting smooth and diaphanous forms–the evanescent aspect is enhanced by the sandblasted surface–and varied patterns of colorful filaments, filigrees-like inherited from the Venetian glassblowing tradition.

The Invisible Collection has the great pleasure of presenting a selection of the most emblematic designs by Jeremy Maxwell-Wintrebert, available for purchase through us.

We provide white glove service for delivery and professional installation worldwide.

Liliane Bettencourt Prize pour l’intelligence de la main, 2019

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