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Lobmeyr is a family business in its sixth generation. Their method is defined by a love for materials, commitment, and emotional investment in the product. Whilst their designers draw inspiration from almost 200 years of history, an astute eye for new movements has always characterised Lobmeyr’s work and their day-to-day work is a rich source of new ideas. Constant dialogue with their craftspeople, designers and clients paves the way to continuous innovation.

In 1883, Ludwig Lobmeyr delivered the first electric chandelier – a worldwide sensation – to Vienna’s Imperial Palace. Adolf Loos’ water set with a cut base in 1929 anticipated the simple drinking glass known today, whereas a more recent product, “Liquid Skin” (2001), challenged the conventional form.

The technique of melting quartz sand, a slow and careful process that we take for granted today, dates back to the fourth century before Christ. Glass has always fascinated mankind, with its transparency and play with light and reflection, properties otherwise only found in diamonds or rock crystal. This fascination for crystal has been the driving force behind Lobmeyr since its creation. Six generations have tested and researched crystal. Thus, they have mastered the art of shaping the material and putting forward its magical properties, with subtlety and elegance. Whether it’s wafer thin blown muslin glass or glass that owes its shape to cutting – Lobmeyr reinstates the beauty of this omnipresent material, bringing refinement back to everyday life.


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