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Interior architect, designer and founder of the agency Rena Dumas Architecture Intérieure (RDAI), Rena Dumas (1937–2009) cultivated a subtle and rigorous architectural vocabulary.

Believing that any project, whether a building or a simple coffee cup, should be conceived with equally high standards, Rena applied the same meticulous approach to every design, in terms of both the quality of the execution and the finesse of the design and its function.

Greek by birth and French by adoption, her foundational experiences took place in the United States; she had a deep understanding of the French “Art Decoratif” and a natural affinity for Japan. With the latter she shared a sense of sober aesthetics and discreet refinement.

Among her first clients were the Marine Midland Bank and Urquijo Bank. Rena’s collaboration with Hermès began in 1976 and has continued ever since, constantly reinventing itself.

Throughout her career, Rena Dumas designed furniture and objects that explored, with simplicity and restraint, the themes of nomadism, of “folding/unfolding”, achieved by the ingenuity of the structural articulations.

The Invisible Collection presents an exclusive selection of Rena Dumas’ iconic pieces, edited by RDAI.

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