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Studio MVW was born in 2006 from the shared multicultural background and a deep understanding of the respective craftsmanship heritage of its founders,French architect Virginie Moriette and Chinese designer Xu Ming. Studio MVW has the art of twisting and combining French and Chinese decorative arts references with a perfect balance and an immoderate love of rare and precious materials as can be found in their Jinshi Jade Pink collection.

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Studio MVW, a duo formed by the French architect Virginie Moriette and the Chinese designer Xu Ming, who cultivate a rich multicultural baggage in addition to a real understanding of the artisanal heritage of their respective countries. Rare knowledge that they transcend in their work. They met in 2003 and partnered, founding Studio MVW in 2006. Based in Shanghai, Studio MVW is known for its projects in China but also internationally. Shanghai Tang or Giorgetti trusted very early. The duo also signs offices, private orders, hotel projects and stores. Invited a few months ago by Piasa in Paris, the auctioned selection of furniture was entirely sold, confirming their influence beyond China. At the PAD show in Paris in the spring 2017, several beautiful pieces in pink jade and brass are exhibited by the BSL gallery. Their pieces were selected and exhibited in March 2017 at the Musée d’Art Moderne in Paris as part of AD Collections.

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Studio MVW has the art of twisting and combining French and Chinese decorative arts references with a perfect balance and an immoderate love of rare and precious materials, as can be found in their Jinshi Jade Pink collection.

They like

An architectural approach served by an exceptional craftsmanship work regularly integrating innovative processes such as hybrid materials.


Their upcoming spectacular bed designed for The Invisible Collection, which will be presented at Vis A Vis on Motcomb Street, London as part of our London Pop Up Store, opening May 2017.

What’s up

Our Franco-Chinese celebrities recently completed the French Consul’s Residence in Shanghai, the Lu Ming Tang Tea Room in Hangzhou and the Warldorf Hotel in Chengdu. The BSL Gallery present their latest Jinshi Jade Pink collection at PAD Paris and Béatrice Saint-Laurent will also present their work at the Villa La Vigie in Monaco from April 27th to 30th.


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