Damien Langlois-Meurinne

"A successful project is one where each detail is treated with equal importance – the architecture, the decorating, the furniture, the art works… it works as a whole."

The vintage piece or historical designer that inspires you?
Carlo Mollino

The favourite object or pieces amongst your designs? It is always the most recent ones that have a certain freshness, somewhat like a ‘new encounter’.

Your best seller? The Last Night series.

The secret to interior decorating? There is no magic formula. More than anything it is the quest for balance.

What does it mean to be French in the field of interior design and interior architecture? It means being in the right place! France is at the cross roads and benefits on the one hand from the influence of Northern European minimalism, German precision and finally from the colour and sensuality of Southern European countries. France is at the intersection of all these cultures.

What would you like to be said about your work? That it is harmonious.

Your dream rugs? Hand knotted silk rugs put together with more raw natural materials.

Your favourite style? The most creative era? Most definitely the 1950/60’s – a revolutionary era of great inventiveness.

The advice that you give most often to your clients? A successful project is one where each detail is treated with equal importance – the architecture, the decorating, the furniture, the art works…it works as a whole. We suggest that our clients give us free reign on the composition, to let us act as ‘orchestra conductor’ and this allows us to bring everything together down to the smallest details.

More interior decorator or interior architect? I always approach a project from the architectural angle, firstly working on the flow of movement, the spaces and the symmetry, afterwards progressively bringing it towards the more decorative work where I focus on the materials, colours and patterns.

Which quality is essential for a piece of furniture? It needs to be expressive.

The current trend that you’d like to follow? To not follow the trends but to be in keeping with the times…

The richest, most interesting material to work with for you? The one that you would like to explore in the future? Plaster, which allows us to create relief on walls and ceilings.

The interior design ‘faux pas’?  To not take risks.

What should one look for in a piece of luxury furniture or art furniture? Soul.

The signature of the French interior design style? The high quality.

The dream project that you would like to work on one day? A restaurant because it is a convivial meeting place with an atmosphere, a scenographic universe which is ‘suspended in time’.

What do you think of The Invisible Collection site? Concentrated, exceptional ‘savoir-faire’.

Photo Credit © Stephan Julliard

Styled by Sarah de Beaumont

Damien Langlois-Meurinne

Along Damien Langlois-Meurinne’s work is the pursuit of purity to bring forth the beauty of volume and form. His key tenets are elegance, balance, rigour combined with lightness, exquisite detailing, a poetic touch. His timeless pieces are a blend of sophistication and simplicity. Combining an urban masculine-feminine spirit, smooth voluptuousness, discreet boldness and welcoming minimalism. The spaces and objects he creates have an emotional dimension to them, bringing a rare sense of serenity and well-being.

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