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Editor’s Pick: Eco-Friendly Designs

Folding Chair by Polcha

With COP26 happening just a few hours from our headquarters, we want to join this important conversation. As the saying goes, “actions speak louder than words”: we talk, and we do. Our business model is based on “made to order” therefore there is no waste as we do not mass-produce. We work exclusively with small, family-run workshops, often passed down from generations. These artisans keep alive traditional know-how and bring pride and business to the local community. From the gorgeous ceramic objects by Jean Roger to the hand-knotted rugs by Atelier Février, we pride ourselves on presenting these beautiful designs that embody savoir-faire, history and culture.

Adé Stool by Maison Intègre

We work with companies that value social responsibility; and we make sure that our suppliers have a lesser impact on the environment. We selected some designs that define this approach spanning furniture made of recycled plastic or stone and up-cycled wood to reclaimed metal.

Finally, we are the first company in our industry to offset the entire carbon footprint of transport and delivery of all our products by donating to CfRN – Coalition for Rainforest NationsWe feel that this not-for profit organization tackles the issue at its root and is one of the few that sits at the COP26 table. 

Discover our selection of eco-friendly designs available on The Invisible Collection.

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