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Jewels For The Home, Loved By Coco Chanel

Before unveiling its Cruise Collection, Chanel released a teaser trailer shot at Coco Chanel’s apartment filled with iconic pieces by Goossens… Discover their exquisite collection of objects: it glitters and it’s gold!  

Lion Object

Some may not recognise the brand’s name right away; however, Goossens has been the go-to jeweller of French Couture for decades. Its founder, Robert Goossens, started working with Coco Chanel in the early fifties: the iconic Chanel jewellery was artfully made by him and his exceptional goldsmiths, in his Parisian atelier.  

Now, Robert Goossens’ legacy and unparalleled know-how live on through his heirs who have rejuvenated the brand whilst re-editing and/or updating some archival items. Since 2005, Goossens is part of Chanel’s Metiers d’Art, a network of heritage brands specialising in traditional crafts acquired by the Couture House.  

Goossens’ know-how is not limited to custom jewellery: furniture, lamps and table top objects have always been part of their catalogue. This new selection of items is a mix of recent designs and a few iconic re-editions. All objects are original creations made of metal soaked in a 24-carat gold bath, lending the pieces a striking, precious quality.     


Inspired by the shapes found in nature, the collection comprises some beautiful lamps that evoke water lilies, foliage and wheat – including the stunning Water Lily wall lamp, a historic design from the seventies. Some other heritage pieces come to life again, thanks to the painstaking work of skilled goldsmiths: the gorgeous Wheat Heritage Mirror and the iconic Lion Object – a piece specially created for Gabrielle Chanel’s apartment in rue Cambon.    

Among the collection’s highlights, two exceptional tables, made by the combined work of jewellers and goldsmiths, are the ultimate conversation pieces. The iconic Wheat Table in brass soaked in a 24-carat gold bath, and the striking Water Lily table in metal tempered in a 24-carat yellow gold bath, embellished with delicate hand-hammered water lilies and an extra white glass top. 

Take home the spirit of French Couture and shop Goossens’ new collection available through us. 

Goossens Paris

As soon as Goossens and Harumi Klossowska de Rola started their creative collaboration, we instantly knew we were going to love their work. And as soon as we saw it, we knew we wanted to partner with them and bring a selection of pieces to our discerning customers. We are proud to announce that six decorative items from the collection will be available via our website.

Beloved jeweller of the French couture houses, Goossens is famous worldwide for having worked in the fifties with the iconic Coco Chanel, creating some astounding custom jewellery for her collections, and some incredibly elaborated precious objects. Now part of Chanel’s métiers d’art, Goossens is also a reference for gold and silver artistic objects, handcrafted by the best artisans in their famous Paris atelier.

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