Inspirational Designs From Our Favourite Movies

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Inspirational Designs From Our Favourite Movies

Watching great classics and getting inspired: we selected some iconic movies and paired them with exclusive designs… Stay tuned for our Sunday Double Bill on Instagram, a weekly post featuring our choice of two movies and the furniture that goes best with them.  

Meanwhile, in case you missed it, here is a recap of last week’s double bill: 


We decided to pay tribute to the late Sean Connery, the G.O.A.T. in the Bond franchise, and then venture in what’s to come…   

You Only Live Twice – directed by Lewis Gilbert 

You all know the plot: bad guy tries to annihilate the planet; good guy saves the world… Besides the stunning sets designed by Ken Adam and some fabulous mid-century furniture, we’ve decided to focus on arguably the most famous catchphrase of agent 007: “Shaken, not stirred”. That’s how Bond likes his martinis. However, in You Only Live Twice, the host got it wrong and stirred the martini cocktail instead of shaking it… To this day this is the only time in all Bond movies that such drinking faux-pas was made.


See now the designs we picked, and you too get inspired:

Toto Tea Trolley by Etel, designed by Isay Weinfeld
Tea Trolley by Etel, designed by Lina Bo Bardi
Gs Tea Trolley by Etel, designed by Giuseppe Scapinelli
JZ Tea Trolley by Etel, designed by Jorge Zalszupin
Liquor Trunk by Mayaro Editions
Flintstone Tea Trolley by Etel

No Time To Die – directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga 

We were so disappointed that the new James Bond, originally scheduled for release last April, then postponed to November, has been postponed yet again! While we are holding our breath in anticipation, we decided to guess which designs are best suited to our beloved agent 007, thinking bachelor pad and bold, sophisticated lines… 

See now the designs we picked and you too, get inspired:

K Console by Thierry Lemaire
Pol Armchair by Thierry Lemaire
Enso Light Sculpture by Gustavo Neves
Side Table Hellmet Bronze by Thierry Lemaire