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Jonathan Bookcase by Emmanuelle Simon

Emmanuelle Simon channels the spirit of Charlotte Perriand through this gorgeous bookcase, and then takes it to another level by adding a sophisticated raku twist… This is an outstanding, multipurpose piece of design that can truly elevate any décor. 

The simple metal structure is composed of shelves and panels in blackened Assamela. Also known as African teak, and much appreciated for its texture and durability, this beautiful wood is responsibly sourced in the forests of Central Africa.  

The shelves are subdivided by vertical panels that create different-sized spaces – or niches. The sophisticated contrast of textures and colours is enhanced by the front sliding panels that Emmanuelle had specially made by a raku master.  

Raku is an ancient pottery technique invented by Japanese ceramists. One of its most enticing qualities is the crazing pattern, in other words the surface cracking in the glaze. The visual impact conjures a delicate, unmistakable aesthetic. 

The Jonathan Bookcase serves many purposes, and can be styled with a selection of Jean Roger ceramic objects; its differently-sized compartments are the ideal spot to display vases and small artworks. Besides, its graphic aesthetic lends the piece a beautiful, decorative quality.  

The bookcase is available in two different sizes. Contact us for bespoke dimensions. 

Emmanuelle Simon

Emmanuelle Simon visualises her projects as a whole, from the architectural elements down to every single piece of furniture and objects, which she designs with the utmost attention to detail. Each project stands out for its strong identity and its unique style, each well-appointed space conceived as an invitation to an immersive experience. Tapping into the Art Deco influences paired with a touch of Wabi-Sabi philosophy, Emmanuelle’s aesthetic is raw yet sophisticated, and always imbued with a feel of timeless elegance. Favouring neutral, pleasing colours, Emmanuelle loves to mix solid woods, natural stones, patinated metals and Rakù-Yaki ceramic elements thus creating perfectly harmonious combinations of refinement, gracefulness and serenity.

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