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New Works by Jeff Zimmerman

A celebrated master glass artist, Jeff Zimmerman belongs to a group of daring contemporary artists who express their vision through one of the most ancient and enticing materials known to man. Having grown up at the Anderson Ranch Arts Center in Colorado, Zimmerman was exposed to the vital force of nature and of the Arts since childhood.  

These memories of nature’s wonders and the transformative power of art stayed with him when he started learning about glass-making under the guidance of renowned Italian masters, and then working with esteemed artists in the likes of Robert Wilson, Gaetano Pesce and Robert Morris. 

Arguably one of the most accomplished glass artists of his generation, Zimmerman creates artworks that focus on light and are inspired by the shapes found in nature. His designs exploit techniques of advanced glassmaking and the defining properties of glass itself — the way it hovers between liquid and solid states, its reflectivity and tactile qualities, its habit of moving constantly while still molten.  

His signature organic shapes are mysterious and welcoming at the same time, disquieting yet familiar. Drawn formally from nature, they result from the dramatic pushing, pulling, dripping and spinning actions through which they took shape — processes that Zimmerman exploits to suggest the mutability of the worlds around us and within us.   

We selected some sensational lighting fixtures, made of hand-blown glass, that echo nature’s perfect imperfections. The designs include some gorgeous pendants that replicate a drop of milk or shape-shifting amoebae, and sconces that mimic the form of crystals. The latter were inspired by pictures of the Cave of the Crystals in Mexico, a geological site where scientists discovered the largest natural crystals ever seen.    

Discover now Jeff Zimmerman’s one-of-a-kind designs available through us. 

Jeff Zimmerman

Raised by a painter mother and a sculptor stepfather in Colorado, Jeff Zimmerman studied the classical Venitian approach to glass blowing. While making experimental sculpture, Jeff worked with such esteemed artists as Robert Wilson, Gaetano Pesce and Robert Morris. His signature organic shapes are mysterious but welcoming, disquieting yet familiar. Zimmerman has exhibited at galleries and institutions internationally. Jeff Zimmerman’s work is displayed at R&Company and is about to start his European debut on The Invisible Collection with a show-stopping lighting installation.
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