Ossicle by Francesco Balzano x Giobagnara

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Ossicle by Francesco Balzano x Giobagnara

We love this new collaboration between Francesco Balzano and the Italian brand Giobagnara. Ossicle is a collection that comprises monolithic seats, benches and tables crafted with carefully selected leather and marble, in a special range of colours and finishes. 

 The lines are a nod to “Jeu des Osselets”,  “Knucklebones”, a popular, ancient game dating back to Greece and Rome, reinterpreted with a modern eye and sharp humour, thus creating the perfect balance between organic and pure geometric shapes. 

Primal monolithic features and contemporary minimal references intertwine, lending the pieces a monumental presence.   

The playful inspiration to the ancient game allows Balzano to “play” a variation of the same theme by creating designs that come in leather or marble.  Each version exudes a quality of its own: regal in marble, enticing in leather.  

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