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Vases for Spring

Tresse Pitcher by Jean Roger

This is almost a “chicken-and-egg” conundrum: what comes first, the flowers or the vase? We seem to be holding to the misconception that flowers are more important; conversely, we assume that beautiful vases are objects per se, and should be displayed as they are, with no additional embellishment such as… flowers!

We strongly disagree. We think that flowers and vases can be heavenly matched. One can play with contrasting textures and colour palettes, or look for the perfect balance between geometrical and organic shapes. We selected some designs that can definitely inspire original floral arrangements and can easily fit in the décor. It’s all up to one’s imagination and taste.

We handpicked a mix of very different designs, encompassing most styles – classic, sculptural and decorative-, and most materials – marble, bronze, ceramic. It’s spring; let’s add a fresh, eye-catching element to the home.

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