Cool Budget


Cool Budget

We selected some irresistibly affordable pieces that will appeal to the savvy buyer

Cordage Lamp by CSLB Studio - The Invisible Collection

The Invisible Collection has selected a beautiful range of furniture, lighting fixtures and objects for the home specifically made for those who wish to decorate on a cool budget.


We all know the old adage “quality has a price”, something that we understand and champion, by promoting the invaluable work of the great artisans who spent years perfecting their skills in order to produce the most beautiful pieces. We feel it is important to make this work accessible at the right price: that’s why we carefully handpicked a number of items of the highest quality within a price range that meets the most carefully calculated decisions.


Beautifully designed and skillfully handcrafted, all the designs in our “Irresistible & Affordable List” encompass most areas of home furnishing and décor: elegant bed linen and tableware, stunning lighting fixtures, darling objects, side tables ad stools, comfy armchairs, sofas and chairs…: they all are irresistible, and affordable!


Discover our selection of great pieces by internationally renowned designers, including great Brazilian masters and new European talents, and choose now some amazing designs made easily accessible and budget-friendly.


Click here for the full “Irresistible & Affordable List”

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