Francesco Balzano

The rising star of collectible design joins The Invisible Collection: it’s all about art!

A familiar face in the world of contemporary art – his work is regularly exhibited in prestigious galleries around the world, and was recently on show at the Design Museum in Gent – Francesco Balzano is known for his comprehensive projects and his limited-edition approach when it comes to creating furniture pieces. After joining the famed studio of Joseph Dirand, where he worked on prestigious projects for over 8 years, Balzano opened his own studio in Paris, in 2018.

Deeply influenced by the Renaissance aesthetic, his inspirations draw from all art forms, including painting and music, albeit he “looks for the silence” in each of his designs. A master at mixing pure lines with noble materials, all his work is deeply connected with the architectural vocabulary of the 20th century; imbued with strong sculptural accents.

We have selected his most emblematic designs that best represent his vision of simplicity as the highest form of sophistication. Each collection is a subtle tribute to the masters of the past that Francesco conjures whilst inventing a language of his own. Antica II evokes the fluted columns found in Roman temples and in St. Peter’s Basilica. Eugene II is a tribute to the innovative work of French designer Eugène Printz. Giorgio II is a love letter to Giorgio de Chirico’s paintings, and Dolce – a collection all in marble – finds its roots in Renaissance architecture whilst playing with memories of Fellini’s La Dolce Vita…

Discover the entire collection, and shop now the designs that Francesco defines as “permanent tributes to the beauty of timeless things”.

Francesco Balzano

Simplicity as a means to ultimate sophistication. The unparalleled mix of noble materials, pure lines and essential functions of everyday lifestyle. The singularity of each design conceived as a sort of monolithic, sculptural piece that stands the test of time. “My work is architectural and authentic; – says Francesco – it is a permanent tribute to the beauty of timeless things”.

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