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Design wunderkinds Humbert & Poyet join The Invisible Collection with an exclusive new line of furniture and home décor.

Humbert & Poyet unveil a new collection of lighting, furniture and decorations at The Invisible Collection’s showroom in London. This event marks the beginning of a fantastic collaboration with the wunderkinds of contemporary interior design. Renowned for their timeless and elegant projects ranging from hospitality and restaurant design to residential, Humbert & Poyet took the world (of interior decoration) by storm ten years ago when, fresh out of university,  they designed some luxuriously bold interiors that did not go unnoticed.


Now, their names come up in every great city around the world as they thrive on refurbishing many fashionable venues: the Beefbars worldwide, the Hoxton in Paris, Aquazzura boutique in SoHo, Song Qi restaurant in Monte Carlo, Alexis Mabille boutique in Paris, to name but a few.


Emil Humbert and Christophe Poyet founded their studio in 2008, after meeting one year earlier in Monte Carlo. Both passionate about Art Deco, fashion and contemporary art, they instantly knew they were going to do great things together. Emil is an architect, and Christophe is an interior designer: together they work as sparring partners, combining their complementary skills and sharing their ideas. Their creative approach reflects the process of filmmaking: each setting is like a scene, the sequencing creating a sense of emotional drama.


Their projects focus on elegant and meticulous designs to create timeless spaces, using premium materials such as stone, wood and bronze. They favour strong geometric shapes, bold colours and metallic finishes. Given their complementary skills, they have the ability to transform a space and create a true special setting pairing visual exuberance with understated elegance. In their own words: « our goal is to translate a complex atmosphere into a tridimensional space ». Always playing with scale and proportions, they assert their self-confident vision when mixing luxurious materials in a much-unexpected fashion. Inspired by the tradition of total architecture, the young duo (they both are in their early thirties) designs all the furniture, from the lighting fixtures to the last candleholder…


Their new collection of furniture and lighting fixtures, sold exclusively via The Invisible Collection, echoes their design philosophy:  “luxury meant for everyday living”. Each product has been meticulously designed in order to capture first impressions and evoke a sense of sophistication within an interior: “We have designed statement pieces that evoke a sense of sophistication through an understated elegance. Our new collection of furniture and accessories captures the essence and philosophy of our architecture and interior design work”, they said, before unveiling their new furniture pieces. “The Invisible Collection is a reference in the design industry worldwide, the collaboration with them became obvious for us through our shared values and love for the traditions of the decorative arts and collectible design”, they also stated, explaining why they chose The Invisible Collection as their exclusive purveyor.


To celebrate the launch, the creative duo has conceived a beautiful exhibition on view at The Invisible Collection’s showroom. Tapping into the Art Deco tradition, the setting is imbued with a theatrical feel, luxurious yet intimate. Two stunning Théodore armchairs anchor the room, while some different-sized coffee and side tables in precious marble punctuate the space. The Ava floor lamp stands like a totemic presence enhancing the dramatic overall impression, while the folding screen & wall lamp add a graphic touch. Like a film set from the 30s, you expect the Divine Garbo to walk in any minute…


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Humbert & Poyet

Design and fashion enthusiasts Emil Humbert and Christophe Poyet founded their studio Humbert & Poyet in 2008. Both passionate about the great French tradition of the Decorative Arts as well as contemporary art, they work like sparring partners creating extremely spectacular spaces imbued with a luxurious feel. From the start, their unique style, bold and grandiose, has set them apart and given them the opportunity to work on some high profile commercial projects, such as restaurants and fashion stores. In less than ten years, the creative duo has put its stamp on some of the trendiest venues in the world.


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