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Dîner en Ville: One-of-a-kind collection of dinnerware sets

The Invisible Collection puts together the most inspiring table setting ideas and launches a one-of-a-kind collection.


What’s the secret behind a well-appointed table? We all dream of a chic setting when it comes to hosting a dinner party, don’t we? Even tastemakers Anna Zaoui and Isabelle Dubern-Mallevays, The Invisible Collection’s cofounders, had their moments while on the hunt for the right linens and/or French faience plates…

Back to the initial question: how do you create tasteful, original tablescapes? How do you elegantly mix the different, contrasting elements that make for a fabulous setting? Wouldn’t it be great to have the perfect tableware set, all in one box, delivered to your home and ready to be displayed at your next dinner party? The Invisible Collection has made this wish come true by creating the “Dîner en Ville” box, an original, one-of-a-kind tableware set consisting of vintage flatware and glasses, bespoke linen and napkins, and an array of elegant, decorative objects carefully hand-picked to complement the overall display.

“The idea has been on our minds for quite sometime– recalls Isabelle Dubern-Mallevays – and it has become even more pressing now, in these very strange times… Dinners at home, with family and/or friends, are the new and often preferred normal.” “Sharing a homemade meal with your friends is always special, regardless of it being a casual brunch or a more formal occasion. – adds Anna Zaoui – All the more reason to make it even more special by laying out a beautiful tablescape.” The Invisible Collection’s founders asked Isabelle Moltzer, another Parisian tastemaker known for styling the best dinners in the French capital, to assemble a series of covetable, exclusive sets that embody their idea of effortless chic.

Moltzer, a lifestyle wiz, unearthed a dazzling variety of vintage pieces – including 19th century French faience flatware that has been in her family for generations- and mixed them with contemporary objects and custom made linens. “I love the idea of this collaboration, I had so much fun! – says enthusiastically Isabelle Moltzer. Where did her inspiration for “Dîner en Ville” sets come from?  “As a rule, I have no rules: anything can inspire me. However, it usually starts with a beautiful plate that caught my attention and set the mood: for instance, the Moustier plates are so exquisite, I couldn’t resist! I paired them with my signature denim tablecloth. Sometimes, it’s a napkin that ignites my creativity: I loved the hues of the Ikat fabric I found during one of my trips to India (box set three) and I made napkins that I mixed with vintage Longwy flatware. At other times, it’s just a shape, or some forgotten styles that are making a big come-back, in the likes of barbotines … don’t ask me the English word for it – Moltzer bursts into laughter – I don’t know it!”  We do: it’s…barbotine! It refers to an ancient technique used to adorn the edges of flat dishes by applying a layer of liquid clay.

The first four “Dîner en Ville” sets are available for purchase through us. Each one-of-a-kind tablescape features vintage dinner and luncheon plates, vintage wine glasses and goblets, small bowls, custom made linen and napkins, and other darling objects. We think that a good meal should be shared: each set is for 12, the more the merrier!

“We love it so much!” says Anna, unveiling what’s planned ahead: “we are already working on our next, original tablescapes, including a few sets specifically designed for wedding gifts and a special one for Valentine’s Day.” These covetable, unique sets remind Anna of an ancient Mediterranean saying that roughly translates to “a feast to eye is a feast to the mind and the palate.”

Discover the exclusive “Dîner en Ville” box, choose the one that best fits your mood and start planning now your next dinner party for 12…

Dîner en Ville

The “Dîner en Ville” collection is an original series of one-of-a-kind dinner sets designed for a seamlessly chic hosting experience. Each unique set for 12 was assembled by french tastemaker Isabelle Moltzer, best known for styling the best dinners in Paris, and comprises a curated, harmonious selection of vintage flatware, glasses, bespoke linen and napkins and an array of carefully hand-picked decorative objects. These elegant eighty-four piece dinner set are delivered in a beautiful box, ready to be displayed and create the most wonderful dinnerscape for your next dinner party.

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