New In: Chloé Nègre


New In: Chloé Nègre

The French designer joins The Invisible Collection with a curated selection of enticing furnishings. 

Known for her intuitive approach to design and interior decoration, Chloé Nègre has created some stunning interiors, imbued with timeless elegance. Like great architects from the past, she embraces projects as a whole: the architectural plan, the light, the furniture and the colour palette must all seamlessly come together. 

For Chloé, each space that she creates has a distinguishing character, and it must be as unique as someone’s identity. The same goes for her designs, inspired by the mood of a place, her intuition, and/or a chance encounter…  

Discover some emblematic pieces that we handpicked and made available on our platform; but first, find out more about Chloé Nègre in the following interview:

What drew you to interior architecture and design and what do you like the most about it?

Very early on, I expressed the wish to become an interior designer. When I was a child my parents restored a renaissance house and had a contemporary villa built in Corsica at the same time. I loved to follow them on the building sites and see the spaces become gradually defined. Today I am still fascinated by that moment when sketches become reality. Whether it is a space or an object, I find that there is something magical about seeing an idea, a drawing, a sketch become reality.

Can you describe your work and your style in a few words?

It’s very difficult to describe your own style. It’s like doing your psychoanalysis, impossible! I like to imagine signature places, colourful and soft, that’s why I often draw the spaces, the circulations as well as all the furniture, to create a global and coherent universe.

The piece of furniture you most like to design?

I really like to move from one challenge to another. I don’t like repetition. At the moment it’s sofas. But I also like to work with rattan furniture because I find that it allows me to have a graphic approach with curved or straight lines while having a natural look.

The most useful piece of design related advice you’ve received and would like to pass on?

I decided to train the studio on environmental issues. We get support in order to have new eco-design reflexes. It’s a profound transformation in the way we design projects that will take some time.

What do you like about The Invisible Collection?

The Invisible Collection makes the invisible visible. I design a lot of custom-made furniture that remain unique pieces and I find it very exciting to be able to make them travel elsewhere. That other interior designers make them their own. I enjoyed the team’s warm welcome, they are true design enthusiasts.

What is the piece of furniture, available on The Invisible Collection, that you like the most?

The Transat 1927 by Eileen Grey, this armchair is incredibly contemporary and imagined almost a century ago.

Chloé Nègre

Driven by the desire of creating her own “research laboratory” – a cross-disciplinary workplace encompassing interior decoration, furniture, and set design– Chloé founded her namesake studio in 2015, specialising on commercial and residential projects.  “There is a mixture of chance and intuition, triggered by a place. It is always interesting to take over a universe that is a priori foreign to us.” – says Chloé about her approach to design and interior decoration. Her goal is to invent spaces that, like identities, are unique and always different from anything else. Her first creative impulse stems from intuition; then she deploys all her inventiveness, technical skills and sensitivity to create a new original perspective, a new architectural “language” structured by an unsurpassed sense of detail. “I think of a place as a whole, so that it can be pleasingly liveable and perennial” 

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