New In: Pierre Bonnefille


The French artist and designer known for his riveting designs joins The Invisible Collection. Discover a selection of his work made of the most unexpected materials.  

The Invisible Collection - Pierre Bonnefille - Table Basse Mousse

Most people from all over the world have probably admired Pierre Bonnefille’s work without even knowing it while making a stop at the Parisian Café Marly – at the Louvre. The venue’s unmissable large murals were his first major public commission in the mid-nineties. Since then, Bonnefille has graced the interiors of many private homes and luxury boutiques with his incredibly original style.   

His murals and finishes are sought after by many, including Christian Liaigre, the RDAI agency for the Hermès boutiques worldwide, and Bruno Moinard for Cartier. Besides his unsurpassed talent for colour – he can truly invent never-seen-before hues – Bonnefille designs furniture: small, limited editions of pieces at the junction between art and design.  

His main inspiration is nature, and the mineral world. Limestone, lava, marble powders, bronze, and even some rare rock fragments from ancient African copper mines, are worked and mixed into surprising new textures. The geometric, monolith-like shapes lend the pieces an utterly sculptural quality and a timeless feel.  

We handpicked some emblematic designs from the Metamorphosis series that conjure the geometries ad textures created by the natural phenomena of crystallisation and mineralization. Like meteorites that landed on the floor of one’s home, they radiate a powerful energy.

The selection comprises three tables, one sideboard, cabinet, and two stools created as artworks that are as beautiful as they are functional. Each piece has a story, told through the materials it is made of, a story that traces back to the origin of matter… 

Discover the limited editions of Pierre Bonnefille’s designs and shop them on The Invisible Collection. 


The Invisible Collection Pierre Bonnefille Table Polygone Carbone
The Invisible Collection - Pierre Bonnefille - Table Basse Mousse
The Invisible Collection - Pierre Bonnefille - Enfilade Bloc Partition Bronze
The Invisible Collection Pierre Bonnefille - Table Basse Polygone

Pierre Bonnefille

After studying at the Ecole Boulle and then at the Ecole des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, Pierre Bonnefille became passionate about materials and colours. At the beginning of the 90s, with the help of Olivier Gagnère and Yves Taralon, he signed the large red fresco on the walls of the Café Marly under the arcades of the Louvre. He is a maestro of chromatic chords. He draws his inspiration from his travels, and distils colours of infinite richness in his work as an artist and furniture designer. Inspired by nature and landscapes, the vibrant surfaces of Pierre Bonnefille’s works invest space, creating a unique and sensitive atmosphere. Working with natural pigments, mineral, limestone, lava or marble powders, one can recognize his imprint in the textured materials and harmonious colours that make up his wall creations as well as his furniture pieces.


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