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The award-winning design studio drops a selection of new, delightful pieces available exclusively through us. We caught up with them for a quick chat… 

Charlotte Rey and Duncan Campbell need no introduction; their playful, elegant aesthetic has garnered acclaim from some of the world’s leading publications and has won them international prizes.  

When they launched their gorgeous debut collection, available exclusively through us, we knew there was more to come… And here it is, a five-piece offering that completes the collection adding a few vibrant twists: expect some unexpected statement pieces that will bring a spirit of conviviality into any room! 

We caught up with Charlotte and Duncan to talk about their work and inspirations: 

What drew you to interior architecture and design and what do you like the most about it? 

Charlotte: We are both great admirers of historical architecture, the interplay between proportion, light and space, and how the materials and colours in a space can make you feel and really transport you.
Duncan: We also really appreciate the privilege that comes with working with incredibly talented makers and the sense of endless possibility this brings, the fact that we are constantly learning and discovering, and of course the excitement that comes from realising some wild ideas for adventurous clients. 

Can you describe your work and style in a few words?  

Duncan: We like the idea that just because you’re serious about the work, it doesn’t mean the work has to be serious. Our pieces are made to be used and enjoyed, and we try to infuse what we do with a sense of eclecticism, wit, and tactility, but always built on the firm foundation of our skilled craftspeople and their commitment to excellence.
Charlotte: We like designs that have a sense of flair and lightness – there’s an essential element that has to feel warm, welcoming and elegant, yet effortless. We’re always drawn to colour realised in beautiful materials, and often flirt with a trompe l’oeil or unexpected details. We like to surprise people and perhaps give them something new to discover each time they enter a space. 

Is there a piece of furniture you wish you had designed? 

Charlotte: The Petalas coffee table in rosewood by Jorge Zalszupin or the Magic Cube by Gabriela Crespi.
Duncan: One of Emilio Terry’s surreal and impossible chairs from the wonderful Sieges d’Emilio Terry book, or anything by André Arbus. 

And what about when you begin a new project – what are your favourite things to design? 

Duncan: We design things to be loved and used rather than simply looked at, so we’re particularly excited about furniture and objects that we can imagine our clients having fun with. This might be an enormous sectional sofa that all their kids can jump on, a hidden bar for late night soirées or even a piece of glassware perfect for a celebratory cocktail.   

The most useful piece of design related advice you’ve received and would like to pass on?  

Charlotte: Someone once gave us the advice to navigate according to the stars, and not get distracted by the blinking light of passing ships, and this has stuck with us. Our work is based so much on instinct, and we’ve realised we’re at our best when we do what we do without getting too distracted by what’s going on around us.
Duncan: Josef Frank said “It doesn’t matter if you mix old and new, or different styles, colours and patterns. The things you like will always blend, by themselves, into a peaceful whole.” Josef Frank is a huge inspiration to us, and his furniture and fabric designs feel as relevant and contemporary today as they did a hundred years ago. The quote resonates with us as our work is very much about this mix – the exciting dialogues you can create when you juxtapose styles and periods, and the ever-important idea that if you love it, it should work!   

What do you like about The Invisible Collection? 

Charlotte: We believe it’s the most prominent platform in the world for contemporary collectible design and we’re thrilled to be part of the The Invisible Collection family!   

Which piece of furniture (besides your own), available on The Invisible Collection, do you like the most? 

Duncan: Francesco Balzano’s Giorgio 2 red lacquer console, or Osanna Visconti’s beautiful bronze Alocasia wall lamp.
Charlotte: The Pomegranate Box by Goossens Paris. 

These new pieces are now on show at our pop-up showroom nested in the exceptional Georgian Grade II building at 14 Cavendish Square.
Come and visit us, book an appointment now.

The award-winning design studio drops a selection of new, delightful pieces available exclusively through us. We caught up with them for a quick chat… 


Working fluently between residential and commercial interior design, furniture and product design, Campbell-Rey’s world is a celebration of conviviality, colour and exceptional craftsmanship. With a love of historical architecture, traditional decorative techniques and an ability to create surprising dialogues and synergies between styles, periods and objects, their work is imbued with a playful, irreverent spirit and a desire to make magic. Comprising a series of eclectic statement pieces designed to bring a spirit of conviviality into any room, this bold and vibrant collection is a modern reimagination of the best of 20th century European design expressed in Campbell-Rey’s exuberantly joyful and insouciant aesthetic.

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