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Chloé Nègre unveils her first signature collection of furniture inspired by nature. Let’s discover her secret garden!  

We are delighted to present the debut collection of Chloé Nègre, first unveiled at Paris Design Week this fall. The talented French designer created an array of lovely pieces defined by gently curved lines and an alluring colour palette.  

“Soir d’été dans mon jardin” is the collection’s poetic title. It means “Summer Evening in my Garden”: indeed, Chloé takes us into an imaginary garden filled with flowers in full bloom and climbing liana vines. Primroses, sweet peas and azaleas inspire curvaceous shapes and striking colour combinations that can uplift any décor. 

The six-piece offering comprises the Matcha Sofa and Armchair draped in alluring shades of green Le Manach fabric. Owned by the Pierre Frey textile group, this fabric is made-to-order only, thus guaranteeing a considerable waste reduction. Moreover, the furniture is manufactured in a factory that meets current environment-friendly requirements.

Most of the pieces are made of rattan, a versatile material that grows much faster than wood and can be harvested without affecting forest maintenance. Rattan’s many qualities are exemplified in the lovely set of Primavera Coffee Tables, and the Sweet Pea Mirror. The sculptural tables anchor the room with a dash of colour, and the elaborate mirror lends the wall an artistic quality.  

Discover the secret garden of Chloé Nègre and her designs available on The Invisible Collection. 

Pictures by Hervé Goluza

Chloé Nègre unveils her first signature collection of furniture inspired by nature. Let’s discover her secret garden!  

Chloé Nègre

Driven by the desire of creating her own “research laboratory” – a cross-disciplinary workplace encompassing interior decoration, furniture, and set design – Chloé founded her namesake studio in 2015, specialising on commercial and residential projects.  “There is a mixture of chance and intuition, triggered by a place. It is always interesting to take over a universe that is a priori foreign to us.” – says Chloé about her approach to design and interior decoration. Her goal is to invent spaces that, like identities, are unique and always different from anything else. Her first creative impulse stems from intuition; then she deploys all her inventiveness, technical skills and sensitivity to create a new original perspective, a new architectural “language” structured by an unsurpassed sense of detail. “I think of a place as a whole, so that it can be pleasingly liveable and perennial” 

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