New In: French Cliché

The up-and-coming label known for its unexpected designs joins The Invisible Collection. It’s all Oh So French! 

No longer than a year ago Emily Marant and Hugo Matha were powerhouse names in the world of Parisian fashion, working behind the scenes. Their love of design and their passion for craftsmanship drove them to launch their own company, cheekily named French Cliché.

The main idea behind this new venture is to revisit with a fresh eye all that is French, both in creative and artisanal terms. Emily and Hugo brought together some young designers and skilled craftsmen to collaborate and be mutually inspired, in order to create new designs in very limited editions.

Asking what French culture and lifestyle mean, the duo initiated many collaborative projects and came up with as many unexpected, humorous answers in the form of desirable designs.

Bearing in mind that the brand’s name is French Cliché, we look at the collection with wondrous amusement: Pia Chevaliers’ ceramics evoke mouthwatering French pastries and croissants, whilst Studio Baptiste & Jaina playfully revisits the familiar sea floats seen in the port of Saint-Malo.

The musical chair is a poignant tribute to revered author Boris Vian, who designed “a chair suited for playing the lyre-guitar”. The startling star-shaped design is being re-issued in a limited edition of 50 with permission by Vian’s estate.

Among the collaborations’ highlights, Victor Cadène’s project with Maison Thévénon is the perfect example of creativity going hand in hand with craftsmanship. French artist and illustrator Cadène has designed some exquisite motifs inspired by 17th century imagery found on the traditional toile de Jouy. The new silhouettes come to life on the beautiful fabrics by Maison Thévénon. A special version of the fabric – hand painted with gold finishes by Cadène – was used to make a gorgeous screen.

Discover our selection of designs by French Cliché available through The Invisible Collection. Shop them now; it’s cool to fall into (these) clichés.

French Cliché

Founded in 2020 by Emily Marant and Hugo Matha, French Cliché is a label and a nomadic gallery. Within the past year, the duo has selected over 30 young artists and designers to think about French culture and produce exclusive designs inspired by it. Every piece is developed thanks to the collaboration between emerging talents and renowned craftsmen who symbolize French excellence. The artisans’ unique crafts provide new solutions and techniques to young creatives, who in turn bring their fresh vision to ancestral know-how.

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