New In: Joel Parkes

The British artist joins The Invisible Collection with some spectacular, one-of-a-kind pieces in carved wood.

We are delighted to introduce Joel Parkes, whose sculptural artworks speak to us on so many different levels. Besides the striking beauty of each piece, we were taken by the story behind it; by the artist’s working process and his strong bond with nature.  

Before discovering his unique work that pairs woodcarving by hand with traditional Kintsugi techniques of 24 carat gold leaf infill, find out more about this incredibly talented, and very spiritual artist

What drew you to interior architecture and design and what do you like the most about it?   

I was brought up in a household which really respected Artists, Architects and Designers. My mother was a painter and had friendships with many Artists, in particular Eduardo Paolozzi, whose work adorned our walls and maquettes, our shelves. My first experience carving was into those plaster forms, call it a collaboration. Creativity, principally Art, is the way in which humans express their individual response to the problem of living and resolve the inner and outer worlds in objects which others can understand without speaking.

Can you describe your work and style in a few words?   

I adopt an intuitive approach to sculpture, informing myself mainly through observance of myself as part of nature both material and spiritual, also scientific. I love trying to understand my subconscious and believe that my whole body is doing the ‘thinking’ as I work. So, I don’t design, nor plan, I simply start and go on until it’s finished; I don’t allow any tools which prescribe shapes like circles nor straight lines. Everything I do is an iteration of who I am at any given moment, with all my flaws, vigour and hypocrisy. 

The piece of furniture you most like to design?   

I’d like to start again with the whole food preparation and eating paradigm. There is an entire world there to explore far more intuitively as food is the heart of almost everything we do and the value of life, including family life. 

The most useful piece of design related advice you’ve received and would like to pass on?   

That it has your attention is justification enough.

What do you like about The Invisible Collection?  

That everything is as unique as the person who created it, or will own it. I love the focus on natural materials and hand made qualities.

Which piece of furniture (besides your own) available on The Invisible Collection do you like the most?   

The Objekti Azure Porcupine.

Joel Parkes

Joel Parkes trained at Chelsea College of Art as a Public Artist and instigated his career with 7 years at pioneering Public Arts company, Free Form Arts Trust. Established in Hackney in 1969, to put people at the heart of changing their environment, by working together creatively.

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