New In: Juliana Lima Vasconcellos

The Brazilian designer joins The Invisible Collection: Discover her museum-worth designs 

If your hometown is called Belo Horizonte, you cannot but see the world through the lens of beauty and nature… And so it proves. Juliana Lima Vasconcellos creates aesthetically stunning designs imbued with Brazilian ethos: raw and sensual, bold and original.  

After living in New York, London and Barcelona, Juliana returned to her home country to found her own architecture & design studio and work on private projects. She started designing furniture and discovered a true passion for creating original pieces, some of which are already in the permanent collection of international museums.    

Her bold, minimal designs are inspired by nature and made of raw materials in the likes of wood, stone and metal combined sometimes with sophisticated fabrics, for instance, the Tri Chair in solid wood and velvet upholstery. The exploration of textures and organic shapes is all the more evident when looking at the Galho 2 armchair: stone-like cushions in cowhide are set into a cast bronze structure that replicates the lines of branches with thorns.  

We caught up with Juliana for a quick chat: 

What drew you to interior architecture and design and what do you like the most about it?  

With a background in architecture and urbanism and since I was a child with an aspiration for the visual arts, I found the balance of creative freedom in interior design and furniture design. I seek to tell stories, create experiences and bring emotional value through the chosen shapes and materials, each project with a unique soul.  

Can you describe your work and style in a few words?   

Artistic eye, minimalism, modernism, nature inspired.  

The piece of furniture you most like to design?   


The most useful piece of design related advice you’ve received and would like to pass on?   

To avoid too much mixing of materials and ornaments.  

What do you like about The Invisible Collection?  

I really love the super elegant and bold curation of pieces.  

Which piece of furniture (besides your own designs), available on The Invisible Collection, do you like the most?   

The Asymmetry Sofa by Pierre Yovanovitch.  

Discover the work of Juliana Lima Vasconcellos available through us. 


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