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The Invisible Collection presents six stunning olfactive sculptures that connect the senses… It smells like art! 

Images can trigger a world of emotions, as do scents. What happens then when images and scents are put together in an original work of art? The question has been answered by Diane Thalheimer whose job description is “Olfactive Profiler.” In other words, Diane is a perfumer who profiles her clients through many conversations and thorough research before tailoring a unique fragrance for them.  

With Profile By, Diane has called upon a group of established artists and renowned perfumers (a.k.a. noses) to work together on this very concept and merge their individual worlds of art and perfumes into one. The outcome is a collection of olfactive sculptures, artworks that diffuse a unique fragrance. 

For each artist, Diane created an intimate mood-board featuring their work and their thoughts on many personal topics ranging from childhood memories to favorite smells. She then presented these “profiles” to the artistic director of IFF (an American corporation that produces flavours, fragrances, and cosmetic actives), and together they selected the noses that would best match with the artist’s ethos.  

The first Profile By collection of olfactive sculptures features some unexpected, fascinating artworks. Hubert Le Gall created “Le Coeur de Dionysos” a poetic piece paired with a fragrance by Jean-Christophe Hérault. The award-winning artist Adel Abdemessed made “Noli Me Tangere“, a surrealistic sculpture of a foot on a sphere scented with a fragrance by Paul Guerlain.  

The six-piece offering was first showcased at Phillips Paris and is now available on The Invisible Collection. Each piece comes in a limited edition, signed and numbered, capturing one’s senses as if by magic.

Noli Me Tangere by Adel Abdessemed & Paul Guerlain - Photo credit Jean Picon
Adel Abdessemed - Photo credit Charly Hel
Paul Guerlain - Photo credit Charly Hel
Lança Perfume by Joana Vasconcelos & Anne Flipo - Photo credit Jean Picon
Joana Vasconcelos - Photo credit Charly Hel
Anne Flipo - Photo credit Charly Hel
Rocking Me by Pablo Reinoso - Photo credit Jean Picon
Pablo Reinoso - Photo credit Charly Hel
Domitille Michalon Bertier - Photo credit Charly Hel
Saisir L'impossible by Daniel Firman & Nicolas Beaulieu - Photo credit Jean Picon
Daniel Firman - Photo credit Charly Hel
Nicolas Beaulieu - Photo credit Charly Hel
Le Coeur de Dionysos by Hubert Le Gall & Jean-Christophe Hérault - Photo credit Jean Picon
Hubert Le Gall - Photo credit Charly Hel
Jean-Christophe Hérault - Photo credit Charly Hel
Ori Gersht - Photo credit Charly Hel
Juliette Karagueuzoglou - Photo credit Charly Hel

Profile By

Diane Thalheimer, a well-known perfumer, set herself apart in the early 2000s by inventing her new profession: Olfactive Profiler. Looking for something that made sense, she started to work on understanding and decoding the vision of a brand or of a personality and translating those traits into original scents. Whilst collaborating with many leading companies, in 2021, Diane launched Profile By, a personal project bringing together artists and perfumers on a special collaboration about olfactive sculptures. The first collection comprises 6 pieces: perfume becomes the extension of an artwork. Or is it the artwork that becomes a visual and olfactory experience?  

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