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Sandra Benhamou joins The Invisible Collection with a fantastic series of designs inspired by the movies she loves: Quiet please…and Action!

This is gonna be a treat for cinephiles around the world: here comes a gorgeous collection of furnishings worthy of Oscars and Palme d’Or. A self-proclaimed movie buff, Sandra Benhamou spent most of her time on movie sets until one day, in 2010, when she founded her namesake design studio. The French designer injects in her work all the action, drama, sophistication and sensuality found in movies; she creates the perfect décors imbued with tension and intrigue. Known for her seamless displays of contemporary artworks and designs, vintage furniture and custom pieces, Sandra loves to play with contrasting materials and pair unexpected colour palettes.

When she takes on a new project, she keeps in mind the one fundamental thing that every filmmaker knows: the importance of lighting. She’ll find a way to recreate the “magic hour”, which, in movie lingo, means that perfect moment when natural light is at its best. Her new collection of bespoke designs is called Ginger. It’s no secret that it is inspired by the images from the American seventies imprinted in our collective imaginary. Sandra draws from the flamboyant atmospheres of Studio 54, the frenetic sets of Martin Scorsese and the behind-the-scene rooms of Las Vegas, where mafiosi, artists and politicians traded secrets. Most of all, Ginger is a tribute to the unforgettable character played by Sharon Stone in Scorsese’s masterpiece Casino.

The collection of handmade designs comprises a sculptural, masculine armchair in polished stainless steel and sensual, velvet armchairs; a sophisticated liquor cabinet in lacquer and polished stainless steel and a side table featuring a frosted glass top. These designs are available in a limited edition through us. If you’re thinking of creating the “hot set” – which, in movie lingo, means the perfect set where everything is just… perfect- discover the Ginger Collection by Sandra Benhamou and shop it now on The Invisible Collection.

Sandra Benhamou

Sandra Benhamou launched her design studio in 2010 after leaving behind her career in films. Her passion for movies influences her well-honed sense for beautiful settings, and her art of mixing and matching objects, styles and periods. Sandra dreams up sophisticated interiors that combine contemporary art and design, vintage furniture and custom pieces. Furniture from the 1970s is paired with contemporary photographs and works by Italian artists such as Gio Ponti and Carlo Scarpa—both of whom Sandra Benhamou holds in great esteem. She is an art-collector and an expert in the art market. Her keen, curious eye helps her creating the perfect blend of tension and intrigue: she brings a singular, anti-conformist narrative to the interiors she decorates, whether it’s a luxurious Parisian apartment, a home in Normandy or a high-end residential project.

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