New In: Martin Massé

The promising French talent joins The Invisible Collection with a limited edition of timeless designs

Tapped as the new up-and-coming name in French design, Martin Massé has already created several furniture collections, praised for their originality and impeccable quality. Favouring strong materials such as rare marble, charred wood, brass and travertine, Martin Massé works with a group of exceptional French craftsmen who are able to bring to life the designer’s bold vision.  

Inspired by contemporary culture at large – science fiction, cinema, poetry…- Martin often draws from the past imagery of classical architecture – specifically Roman colonnades – Japanese crafts, and the art deco movement of the early twentieth century. His work embodies the perfect balance between classic and ultra-contemporary: the artist’s desire for timelessness.

We handpicked a selection of stunning, original designs, available in a limited signed edition of 12; their sturdy shapes exude a totemic feel lending each piece a sculptural, timeless quality…

Furniture or artwork? We will simply call it collectible design. 

Martin Massé

Martin Massé, Parisian architect and designer, trained with renowned architects and decorators in the likes of Joseph Dirand, Tristan Auer and Jean-Michel Wilmotte, working on beautiful projects from Miami to the Bordeaux vineyards. He founded his own agency in 2017. Between tradition and the ultra-contemporary, Martin Massé highlights the exceptional savoir-faire of French craftsmen, with simple, pure proportions and noble materials. Science fiction, travels, poetry, cinema,… his style is decisively timeless, yet strongly influenced by ancient Italian architecture, Japanese craftsmanship and the art deco movement of the early twentieth century.

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