Three Minds, One Unique Style


Three Minds, One Unique Style

The very Parisian brand Pierre Augustin Rose joins The Invisible Collection: it’s time for some timeless design!

Fashion and design aficionados might have noticed an intriguing, rather sculptural armchair in a Burberry advertising campaign, wondering where it came from… Well, look no further: it’s the New Bauhaus armchair, designed by the very Parisian brand Pierre Augustin Rose.


The story behind this trio of designers is rather serendipitous, and almost inevitable: their passion for design was so strong that they were bound to meet and work together. It all started a few years ago, in the most famous flea market in Paris, the Paul Bert antiques, where Pierre and Augustin met.  Pierre Bénard, formerly an advertising executive, ran an antiques gallery and so did Augustin Deleuze. They knew each other from far, so to speak, realising that they shared a common vision: “ our tastes were so similar that in the mind of our customers our addresses were almost one and the same. It was just a matter of time before we actually started working together and create the designs we could not find anywhere else”.


The duo was soon joined by Nina Rose, another design buff, with a strong knowledge of métiers d’art, and a great network of skilled artisans throughout Europe. Her contacts and experience were key to explore the boldest ideas and transform them into exquisite pieces of furniture.


Since its inception – roughly two years ago – this young brand aims at becoming the ambassador of French refinement, promoting a personal style that pays homage to the heritage of the 20th century’s great masters and at the same time expresses an audacious timelessness.


Simple yet innovative lines define a collection that starts with a few essential pieces, each one with a very strong personality. We love the Minotaure armchair, its bold oversized shape inspired by Picasso’s iconic imagery; and we love the elegantly curved 190 and 280 sofas that can transform any interior with their subtle, pleasing presence.


Discover now a beautiful selection of designs by Pierre Augustin Rose sold on The Invisible Collection.



Pierre Augustin Rose

Pierre Augustin Rose is an association of styles belonging to three singular personalities; Pierre Bénard, Augustin Deleuze and Nina Rose. Simple lines, innovative design, and classic inspirations: the three talented designers know how to connect their trained eye for antiques to today’s new shapes. Past and present never collide in their designs; rather, they blend in a very personal style, best translated as an ode to everlasting modernity transformed with confident audacity. Each piece of furniture is imbued with a timeless feel whilst paying homage to the 20th Century’s great masters. Beautiful lacquers and fabrics, impeccable quality and refined details are the hallmark of an eclectic collection that defines the new classics of this century.

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