Rug Of Paradise

A new collection of artistic, one-of-a-kind rugs made by renowned architects

We are delighted to introduce the Garden Collection, curated by Alia Dawood, made by ARTinD in collaboration with The Invisible Collection.

By connecting art and architecture through original, meaningful projects, and encouraging the dialogue between these two practices, ARTinD commissioned world-renowned architects to create one-of-a-kind rugs inspired by a given theme.

The Garden Collection is a tribute to the tradition and significance of rugs in the Arab world: architects were asked to create original designs inspired by the imagery of the Garden of Eden whilst revisiting Middle Eastern popular iconography.

Based on the significance of rugs in the Arab world as a form of storytelling, ARTinD invited a group of architects to create original designs tapping into the concept of “The Garden of Paradise”. This idea of an archetypal, heavenly garden has always been an inspiration to artisans and artists alike for experimentation, creativity and storytelling. In the garden, shadows are created, flora and fauna compete for sunlight, and marking out of territory can all be related to the idea of the garden as a domestic scape.

The Garden Collection comprises several one-of-a-kind rugs, including a new design by Shahad Al Azzaz. The Saudi architect, known for her elegant residential projects and installations, looked into the arch as one of her signature architectural elements. For this rug she reproduced the arched windows of Villa Mansour – one of her most emblematic works.

Called “The Architect’s Garden”, the rug is hand-tufted in natural bamboo silk and viscose and comes in a limited edition of 5 pieces.  The hyper realistic design, with its graphic palette, is a bold, contemporary statement that will appeal to art collectors.

Shahad Al Azzaz

Shahad Al Azzaz, the founder of Azaz Architects, was born in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, to a famous journalist and photographer, Saleh Alazzaz. After earning her BA in Architecture from the University of Manchester and an MA in Architectural Design and Project Management from the IE Business School in Madrid, her career rapidly took off.

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