Spotted On Ad Intérieurs: Thierry Lemaire

Some of our favorite designers are on show in Paris; and their best designs are available on The Invisible Collection!

To celebrate its 10th edition, AD Intérieurs staged a wonderful exhibition in Paris, inviting 13 design and architecture studios to create some original livable spaces. Among the designers in the spotlight, five names should sound familiar, as they are part of our roster of talents: Bismut & Bismut, Humbert & Poyet, Atelier Tristan Auer, Thierry LemairePierre Gonalons and Stéphane Parmentier artistic director of Creations Dragonfly. All of them displayed their usual unsurpassed creativity to conceive the most unexpected dreamlike spaces.


Discover Thierry Lemaire’s project for this year edition :


A bed on a parchment platform, a pair of steel armchairs upholstered in buckle wool and a coffee table with a top set with metal ribs are reflected in the mirrors on the walls and ceiling. This structure of glass and chrome comes from the private mansion of the seventies decorators Valerian Rybar and Jean-François Daigre, when the geometric grey marble paving of the floor was inspired by a Milanese interior from the 1950s. Thierry Lemaire mixes periods, styles and materials to challenge a resolutely masculine room.


Photo credit © Claire Israël


Thierry Lemaire

In turn architect, interior designer and designer, this three-dimensional approach has opened up his horizons and enriched his palette to create his distinct style that today, draws him towards Interior and Furniture Design. Thierry Lemaire’s signature style is made of sculptural and oversized pieces, brilliantly luxurious, a sense of glamour pushed to the extreme and a vison of luxury that is ultra-comfortable in the spirit of the 1970’s. Spectacular, futuristic lines infuse spaces that blend ultra-modernity with classicism, and the angular with the curvaceous. He loves the effect of materials; marble’s power when used for a ‘total look’, the gleam of polished brass, the feel of wooden wall panelling, the omnipresence of mirrors that expand volumes and jumble perspectives.

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