Spring Makeover for the Home

It’s Spring and we deserve a break… Let’s spruce up our interiors! 

Alésia Vase by Jean Roger

After a year of confinement, we might need something new and fresh in our home…  

Without going through a total home makeover, there are a few decorating ideas that will help transforming the décor. Adding a piece of furnishing here, some colourful fabrics there, and light-scented candles everywhere, might just be the perfect action leading to a completely renewed, pleasing atmosphere.   

Start with some decluttering, and remove all the unnecessary items that piled up over the long winter. Let light and colours in by choosing a new eye-catching rug, a sleek floor-lamp or an exquisite chandelier. Find a few decorative objects – a ceramic vase, a trinket box, a bronze candleholder– that can be artfully displayed around the rooms. 

Find the perfect accent chair or a conversation sofa for the living room. These pieces anchor the décor whilst making a visual difference. Functional and decorative at the same time, they are an aesthetic statement. Add a head-chair to the dining table, the seating chart notwithstanding, it’s interesting to inject some eclecticism into the setting. Or, get a new, bold dining table wishfully thinking of the – soon hopefully- future dinner parties to come.   

Don’t be afraid of floral patterns if you want to transform the overall feel of a room: original wallpaper can be the creative, bold touch to a white-walled space. Colourful upholstery fabrics can entirely transform any piece of furnishing. Add some lovely, colourful cushions: one can never get enough of them… right?    

Last but not least, turn all your meals into a feast for the eyes! Find the most exquisite table linens and placemats; match them with the most gorgeous ceramic plates; create a beautiful tablescape that will lift everyone’s spirits… there is always joy in beauty! 

Discover our selection of designs and get inspired by our home makeover ideas. You can also contact our team for advice and tailor-made projects here 

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