Designed for Oka
Limited Edition of 10 pieces
Chair in oak wood and rattan
Seating in blood orange velvet with stainless steel frame
Also available in hot pink velvet with copper frame
The text on the back is different for each piece:

‘All of the people some of the time’
‘Some of the people all of the time’
‘Correkt me if I’m wrong’
‘Looks so good from here’
‘No mistakes this time…’
‘Reserved Reversed’
‘So far so good?’
‘Time to reflect’
‘Why bark when you have a dog?’
‘Why have a dog when you can bark?’

L 83 x W 106 x H 104 cm
L 32.68″ x W 41.73″ x H 40.95″
Seating height: 48 cm / 18.90″

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Tapping into its memorable ‘Chair by its Cover’ series from the 80s, Arad turned OKA’s Washakie chair into AKO (!), by literally half-wrapping it with a metal sheet of reflective copper and stainless steel. This metal encirclement – all hand-made – celebrates the original design by reflecting its form at all angles, whilst creating a totally new, bold throne-like shape…  Arad’s inspiration was not for the metal shell to touch the chair, just encircle it and create a skin to elevate it. “OKA is the other side of the spectrum from what I do, although of course it’s actually the same – a chair or sofa is to be sat on, but I never did things for interior design, I just did them because I was interested in them.” says Ron Arad in conversation with Sue Jones, OKA’s co-founder and artistic director.

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AKO chair
Ron Arad

AKO chair

Ron Arad

AKO chair

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