Dîner En Ville

english rose dinner set for 10

£3 402
incl. VAT*

“Dîner En Ville” English Rose dinner set for 10
Bespoke set number available upon request
One-off piece

Lilac linen tablecloth
10 dyed embroidered napkins
10 large English plates
10 English soup plates
10 English dessert plates
10 wine glasses
10 water glasses
2 large alabaster candlesticks
3 medium alabaster candlesticks
2 small alabaster candlesticks
5 vases, formerly used to put violets


Tablecloth dimensions:
360 x 160 cm / 141.7″ x 63″

Vintage ceramic plates with delicate floral patterns and a pink herringbone bespoke tablecloth conjure a charming British imaginary in the Rose dinner set. A pair of exquisite alabaster candleholders and a special set of vases for pansies add the final touch: fresh and romantic.  

Dîner En Ville

english rose dinner set for 10

£3 402
incl. VAT*

Dîner en Ville

The “Dîner en Ville” collection is an original series of one-of-a-kind dinner sets designed for a seamlessly chic hosting experience. Each unique set for 12 was assembled by french tastemaker Isabelle Moltzer, best known for styling the best dinners in Paris, and comprises a curated, harmonious selection of vintage flatware, glasses, bespoke linen and napkins and an array of carefully hand-picked decorative objects. These elegant eighty-four piece dinner set are delivered in a beautiful box, ready to be displayed and create the most wonderful dinnerscape for your next dinner party.

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