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Conversation and Constellation

On Motcomb Street in London, The Invisible Collection has appointed two prominent designers; Vincent Darré and Michael Cailloux, taking over the Vis-à-Vis showroom in London to showcase the highlights of their collections in a collaborative project.


Michael Cailloux, french artist for whom sketching and doodling are second nature, pursues his passion for textile arts using early drawings made for his etchings to create a colourful bed linen collection. Pushing the limits of creativity and challenging the skilled craftsmen of Vis-à-Vis, Cailloux presents Constellation, a collection that combines both printing and hand embroidery techniques.


In the bedroom, he presents a brand new limited edition of handmade scarves, original wallpapers, umbrellas and stationery art. Also on show : his wall jewellery,
at the intersection of two art techniques etching and jewellery making.


Just next door, in the drawing room, Vincent Darré presents Conversation. Previously presented at the museum of art of Toulon, it is composed of a rug, several chairs, armchairs and sofa as well as his Calder inspired coffee tables.

Vincent Darré has led several lives, gliding from fashion to interior design, making his homes the laboratory of his extravagant creativity. He is said to be brilliant and baroque, he is especially free and delicate, with an unforgettable dandy allure.


Called upon for their creativity and passion for decorative arts, the pair give a unique and refreshing vision of interior design, bringing happiness and freedom to the bedroom.


Valuing art above all else, Michael and Vincent are theatrical in style as their work continues to pay reference to an imaginary past and embodies a sense of timeless indulgence. The colours within the project are rich, the pieces follow one another while being undoubtedly unique.


To complete the collection and just on time for Christmas, The Invisible Collection presents a selection of beautiful objects and home accessories including brass and copper trays of Karen Chekerdjian, Costanza Paravicini‘s wonderful collection of plates and the Venetian glasses from Giberto Arrivabene.


Vis-à-Vis, 6, 7 Motcomb Street,

Belgravia, London SW1X 8JU

Vincent Darré

Vincent Darré has had several lives, slipping from fashion to interior design, making his homes the laboratory for his extravagant creativity. Said to be fantastic and baroque, Vincent Darré is especially free and agile with a theatrical lifestyle that is close to his heart and references an imaginary past. Vincent Darré embodies timeless luxury à la Française, as well as decorative arts. The colours of his collections are rich, his pieces follow one another but are always unique, prompting each visitor to shift from one mood to the next. His collection of chairs, sofas and armchairs is a formal invitation to a lively conversation.

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