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Now that your home is your new office, it’s time to make the most of your newfound working space in style

It’s been a while since you spent time in your fabulous corner office, and you miss it… However, working from home can be the perfect opportunity to rethink your work environment and liven it up. Here are some decorating tips to beautify your new (home) office illustrated by a selection of wonderful designs.

Your desk, your rules!

Make a statement, your desk reflects your personality. It’s never a matter of size; it’s all about the mood you want to set around you. Sensual or rigorous lines, slim or large shape, whatever suits you as long as it does not even remotely look like a working station! Add the right lighting fixtures, a beautiful lamp and, if it is a large space, a striking pendant…

Livre Desk by Etel
Asa Desk by Etel


We all know that good desk chairs are hard to find, they need to be truly comfy as well as pleasing to the eye. They must be slightly tall and firm, yet deep enough to ease in when brainstorming… In other words: look for comfort without sacrificing style.

Funquetry Pleated Secrétaire by Nada Debs
Conversation Chair by Vincent Darré
Monsieur Oops Chair by Pierre Yovanovitch
Y Chair by Etel

Choose Zoom-worthy objects

Remember: the team is watching you, your desk, and the background! Make the space your own by displaying eye-catching objects that are useful and elegant at the same time. Add a vibrant accent by repurposing a colourful stool or an outstanding marble vase; divide the space with a flamboyant folding screen. If the space is small, choose a darling secretaire big enough to place your laptop, your favorite cup and fresh flowers.

Be productive in style, shop now our exclusive designs and create the most beautiful home office. You’ll love it so much you will want to take it with you at the (real) office!

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