Our Values

High Craftsmanship

We deeply value the craftsmen’s gesture. The excellence of their know-how and their thrifty approach. By preserving these ancient arts, we honour the traditions of unique expertise that is distinct to the creation of furniture and decoration, cabinetmaking, tapestry, marquetry, ceramic, porcelain, lacquer, foundry, glass, fabrics, embroidery and crystal. We fully embrace and support the unparalleled know-how of the great artisans we work with. These craftspeople spend a lifetime to the continuous development of their craft, perfecting the skills they learnt from the masters that came before them. The designs they craft are made with passion, care and laser-focus attention to detail. Each design is perfectly executed and made to last: high craftsmanship is the quality that makes it unique.

No Waste

All our furniture and objects are designed and manufactured to stand the test of time and to be passed on. We don’t mass-produce, nor do we produce waste: each piece of furniture is made to order. We value the eco-friendly practices of our decorators and craftsmen who create unique designs by using noble, recycled materials, certified woods and no plastic. We strive to minimise our environmental impact by compensating the entirety of our carbon footprint for transport and delivery through donations to CfRN – Coalition for Rainforest Nations. Improving by the day, we are building an eco-friendly showroom and investing in greener packaging.

Service & Passion

“No man is an island”… We thrive because we’ve built a close-knit community of craftsmen, designers and customers. We share a common passion for crafting the furniture of the future, the designs that will stand testament to culture, creativity and savoir-faire.

We strongly believe that human connection is at the core of our digital business and we are fully dedicated to offer truly impeccable services. Besides our white-glove transport and delivery, we exchange by all possible means with our clients and we interact personally with each one of them. We build relationships based on a shared passion for beautiful designs that are cemented by our personal commitment.

Social Responsibility

We are committed to being socially accountable. We intend to generate a positive and significant social and societal impact through our activities. We honour a responsible approach to design by working closely with artisans and designers who operate in ways that enhance the environment and local communities. Besides preserving the exceptional French know-how, we foster all activities that make a positive difference for the environment and for the community. We champion women empowerment, gender equality and inclusivity.

Design is Culture

We pride ourselves on setting new standards in the furniture industry by rethinking luxury as a means of promoting culture and craftsmanship, whilst building a bridge between the masters of the Decorative Arts’ golden era and their contemporary heirs.

The name The Invisible Collection comes from a novel by Stefan Zweig. We believe that design is culture. We represent many different decorators with different styles from all over the world; yet, the universal emotion that a beautiful piece of furniture or object can trigger, no matter the culture or nationality of the buyer, never ceases to amaze us.

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