Coffee Tables
Coffee Tables

Over time, coffee tables have become style signifiers in every contemporary interior. The Invisible Collection offers a wide range of beautifully designed coffee tables created by today’s star designers, including AD 100 listers. Each design is exceptionally handcrafted by the best craftsmen in Europe. Throughout history, we’ve seen the presence of these low tables placed in sitting areas to support dishware and beverages. However, their big moment came with the rise of the Café Society and its new lifestyle of lavish parties and social gatherings in beautiful homes: coffee tables became the fashionable staple of interior decoration. Designers favored them because of their versatility and potentiality.

In fact, the masters of the Arts Décoratifs movement in the likes of Jean-Michel Frank and Eileen Gray, loved to play with shapes and materials, thus inspiring the designers that followed. Today, the most iconic coffee tables are the expression of star designers’ unbridled creativity. Our selection spans from very sculptural, one-of-a-kind pieces to elegantly timeless ones. The Calanque by Charles Zana is a poetic tribute to the stones washed by the Mediterranean Sea; the 2020.01 by Studio Haos is a new take on midcentury modern; the Iris by CSLB is a skillful interpretation of Art Déco’s techniques of straw marquetry.

Beside their function, coffee tables bring an essential aesthetic addition to the décor, and anchor the living room. Their visual impact is defined by uncommon shapes - either geometric or organic – and luxurious materials. Solid wood is favored by Louise Liljencrantz, metal is often used by Humbert & Poyet and by Thierry Lemaire, lacquered wood is a constant inspiration to Pierre Augustin Rose, resin and marble are Francesco Balzano’s materials of choice. The designers at The Invisible Collection excel in creating iconic coffee tables that are instant classics: the Giulia by Le Berre Vevaud, the Lagoon by Rebecca Körner, and the Piatro by Kelly Behun are conversation pieces featured in magazines all over the world. All these pieces are made to measure, hand-crafted in the best European workshops. In addition to bespoke coffee tables, The Invisible Collection sells a selection of re-issues by the masters of Brazilian midcentury modern. These beautiful designs are in certified wood. Furthermore, we take pride in working with eco-friendly artisans who respect the environment. Browse through our collection of covetable coffee tables and find the perfect design of your dreams.

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