What is an iconic design? Why is it iconic? We could try to explain it with words and talk about designers who created groundbreaking furnishings, setting new standards in interior decoration. However, in this instance we feel that images are worth a thousand words and we invite you to simply discover our iconic sofas. Our seating solutions fit any kind of space including small spaces as well as grand living rooms; they encompass most styles and embody a new idea of comfort and timeless elegance. Each design is a reflection of the designer’s vision, spanning from bold luxury to feminine sophistication.

Collectors and connoisseurs can find some iconic sofas inspired by the seventies’ aesthetic, or tapping into midcentury modern elegance. Our sofas are made in the best materials, including certified woods, natural woods, resin and metal. Besides the impeccable execution of the frame and upholstery, the covers encompass all types of fabrics and leathers of the highest quality: Velvet and custom bouclé by Dedar and Lelièvre, floral fabric by Pierre Frey, luxurious leathers and shearlings by Norki. From the Alexandra Sofa by Charles Zana, to the 280 Sofa by Pierre Augustin Rose, and the Eileen Sofa by Charlotte Biltgen.

Invisible Collection offers a wide range of iconic sofas created by today’s star designers, including AD 100 listers. These beautiful sofas are handmade by the best craftsmen in Europe: the keepers of the precious know-how of French Arts Décoratifs who can accommodate any bespoke request. In addition to the conversation pieces that grace the covers of international magazines as well as the Instagram accounts of style icons, we sell our favorite re-issues created by some of the masters of twentieth century design including Pierre Paulin’s Alpha sofa.

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        Pierre Frey
        F3702002 Hendaye
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        • Flint Terracotta
        • Linterno Fabric : St Moritz/Nobili