Never mind the unrelenting buzz around audio-based social-media apps. Text too, is hot material, and books are still a bestselling cultural product. The only question is: What to do with all these books? We have the answer: The Invisible Collection sells a selection of unique bookcases created by contemporary star designers, including AD 100 listers. Among our iconic bookcases one can find the award-winning Beduina Bookshelf designed by Lia Siqueira. Its innovative structure in certified freijo wood received the prestigious iF Product Design Award and the Red Dot Design Award. The Obazine bookcase by Laurent Jaffrennou – produced by Mayaro Editions – took center stage at BOF Voices, the exclusive summit of the movers and shakers of the fashion and luxury industry hosted by the Business of Fashion.

We handpicked an array of beautiful – as well as useful - bookcases that have a willingly timeless style and are designed to last as long as your book collection, and actually, grow with it if you wish to add made-to-measure shelves and cases. All our designs are handmade by the best craftsmen in Europe who can accommodate any bespoke request. The bookcases available through The Invisible Collection mirror the great variety of styles that we showcase on our platform. Some designs tap into midcentury modern elegance whilst others draw inspiration from the refined tradition of French Arts Décoratifs; some pieces conjure the spirit of the Bauhaus movement, others mesh European minimalism with Oriental maximalism. Our bookcases come in different materials; however, certified wood is the material of choice of most of our designs. For instance, the gorgeous Jonathan bookcase by Emmanuelle Simon is in blackened Assamela, a beautiful wood responsibly sourced in the forests of Central Africa, also known as African teak and much appreciated for its texture and durability.

The design features sliding panels in Raku, an ancient pottery technique invented by Japanese ceramists, and sought-after by contemporary designers for its unmistakable aesthetic. Our unique bookcases serve many purposes, and can be styled with a selection of Jean Roger ceramic objects. Moreover, some of the shelves and different-sized compartments are the ideal spot to display vases and small artworks. Besides, their aesthetic quality can elevate any décor.

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        Pierre Frey
        F3702002 Hendaye
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        • Flint Terracotta
        • Linterno Fabric : St Moritz/Nobili