Discover Les Maisons d'Art from le19M

Goossens - Lemarié - Lesage Intérieurs - Studio MTX

Discover the Maisons d’art from le19M, a space dedicated to savoir-faire created on the initiative of Chanel. Each of these heritage brands brings unparalleled expertise and cutting-edge innovation to interior design. Since the goldsmith Goossens began collaborating with Chanel in the 1950s, several of the resident fashion Maisons d’art at le19M have moved into the fields of decoration and design. Indeed, Lesage Intérieurs has been designing, inventing, and handcrafting embroidery for furniture and decoration for over thirty years, and Studio MTX, created in 2013 by Atelier Montex, began with architectural embroidery to develop a unique combination of techniques drawing on different fields of the applied arts. As for Lemarié, whose savoir-faire have historically been focused on Haute Couture, they have now opened up to decorative embellishments and to the creation of sculptural decors. The synergy of these Métiers d’art offers lovers of “haute facture” the opportunity to experience an unrivalled range of exceptional savoir-faire.

At le19M, the atelier Lemarié.

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Discover les Maisons d'Art

Our Partnership

Championing savoir-faire, Invisible Collection partners with four Maisons d’art from le19M, a space created on the initiative of Chanel. Each of these heritage brands has a distinct specialty and identity, ranging from goldsmithing and feather work to pleating, furniture embroidery, and architectural embroidery. Through this exceptional partnership, our clients can access unparalleled expertise and cutting-edge innovation for a variety of custom, bespoke projects.

le19M, a New Landmark Building in Paris
Home to Chanel's Métiers d'Art

Brightness, acoustic comfort, and modular layouts respecting the specificities of each profession make le19M the perfect place to spend time and work. The building designed by Rudy Ricciotti is also an architectural testament to the excellence of the skills it houses. Spread over five levels, the residents each have a space of their own, dedicated to their own teams and clients.The workshops were thought out and designed to allow them to freely express their respective creative worlds and visual identities. The structure of le19M is built in a U-shape around a 2,600 m2 garden. This natural setting brings together a great diversity of species of trees, plants, and grasses. By combining innovation and sustainability, the building is committed to promoting energy efficiency and biodiversity, and is the recipient of the leading environmental certifications and labels.

Finally, it houses la Galerie du 19M in an ultramodular 1,200-m2 space. A place for debate and dialogue, the gallery is open to all, for exhibitions, talks, and practical workshops.


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