Table Lights
Table Lights

However slight it may be, there is a difference between a table lamp and a desk lamp: the latter is shaped around the concept that form follows function, whereas the former is designed to add a more aesthetic touch to the overall décor. It goes without saying that functionality is important too, we all know that lighting is an essential aspect of any well-designed interior; however, when looking for table lights the one question that matters is: does this design beautify the space? The Invisible Collection presents a selection of iconic table lights created by the most talented designers and artists, made to order by the best craftsmen in Europe. Moreover, The Invisible Collection is committed to best ecological practices by offering energy-efficient designs that include LED lights and lower consumption parts. Our table lights are made by some of the most talented light designers of their generation. Our selection focuses mainly on contemporary designs; however, given our passion for the trailblazing work done by some great masters of the twentieth century, we decided to showcase some unmissable styles from the past - including re-issues by Pierre Chareau, Jean-Michel Frank and Pierre Paulin - that are still relevant today. Cutting-edge shapes give new meaning to the most ancient materials thanks to innovative techniques and superior craftsmanship. Wood, bronze, glass, stone and ceramic offer unlimited possibilities to the creative minds on The Invisible Collection’s roster. Our selection comprises the beautiful series in wood by Isato Prugger, the iconic Cordage Lamp by CSLB Studio, and the striking designs in blown glass fused with stone powder created by Semeur D’Etoiles. Depending on the materials and shapes, some pieces are better suited for the bedroom. The bedside light should not tower over the bed nor the table, but blend into the décor. Dimensions and shapes are more important than the materials in order to create a pulled-together feel. Browse our collection of unique table lights available on The Invisible Collection and contact us for bespoke orders.

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