Since the dawn of civilization, rugs have been an important decorative element: the best interior decorators consider them a two-dimensional piece of furniture that can truly transform any room. Invisible Collection presents a selection of custom made rugs created by contemporary star designers, including AD100 honorees. All our designs are handmade by the best carpet makers in the world who can accommodate any bespoke requests. Collectors and design connoisseurs may not be familiar with all of the different techniques at the heart of our exceptional rugs. To better understand the unparalleled work done by our skilled artisans we summed up three main methods.
Hand-knotted: a very elaborate technique of creating the rug’s pattern by incorporating thousands of knots, each tied and then cut individually by hand. Depending on the rug’s density and size, the weaving may require months of work by up to 50 skilled artisans. Hand-woven: an ancient technique also known as flat weave, it means that the rug has no pile: the warp and the weft (the vertical and the horizontal threads) are interlocked, thus creating a flat surface with a pattern that looks the same both on the front and on the back. Hand-tufted: this technique is less time consuming as the pile is made by punching the yarn through the canvas with a special tool - the tufting gun. Once the pattern is completed, the back is coated with latex, to fix the “tufts”, and the top is sheared, for an even pile. Depending on the pattern’s design, the pile can then be hand carved with special scissors. Each one of our rugs is like a work of art that features one-of-a-kind patterns.
Among the designs that stand out for their originality and quality, the rugs in the finest Himalayan wool and Chinese silk made a sensation at the latest Salone del Mobile in Milan. Beside Nepal, in France too, in the region of Aubusson, there is a longstanding tradition of tapestry and carpet making. Enjoy browsing our collection of handmade rugs, and feel free to call our rug specialist.

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        Pierre Frey
        F3702002 Hendaye
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        • Flint Terracotta
        • Linterno Fabric : St Moritz/Nobili