Wall Jewel

When we love something, we want to know the story behind it… as told by the designer himself: Michaël Cailloux

My favorite museum in Paris is MAD (no, not crazy!) Musée des Arts Décoratifs. I remember well this day in 2009, when I went there and saw their permanent jewellery collection. In one room there was a section of a wall covered with some stunning René Lalique hair combs. It was like an epiphany! And I thought that it would be really cool to create jewellery just for the walls! I’ve always loved the idea of unexpected combinations…


So, I got to work: I needed to decide which material was best adapted to make my wall jewels, and I thought that the copper plates I used to print my engravings and wallpapers were the perfect answer. Then it was just a matter of using, very carefully, my favorite tools: a small bow saw, a rivet setter, and a special chisel. Finally, I could set my imagination free, and create some fantastic scenes inspired by some 16thcentury etchings and still lives.


Portrait Copyright © Rodolphe Baras

Copyright © Clementina Calleri

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