Harumi Klossowska de Rola

Daughter of famous painter Balthus and Japanese artist Setsuko Ideta, Harumi Klossowska de Rola grew up surrounded by art, literally. Since her early years, spent in Villa Medici in Rome, she always loved to express her artistic self. At the age of seven, she saw a collection of precious gems and was so enthralled by it that she decided she wanted to create jewelry. She spent her teens in Switzerland, enjoying horse riding and learning calligraphy, living in the amazing Grand Chalet de Rossinière, an 18th century mansion built to stock… Swiss cheese in its cellars. After a few years spent working with John Galliano, Harumi started creating her first line of jewelry, loosely inspired by a collection of oriental buttons and ribbons her mother kept in a drawer. In 2008, she created her first pieces of haute joillerie, a commission by Boucheron to celebrate the brand’s 150th anniversary. This first collection sets the beginning of a new path, as Harumi starts experimenting with precious metals and gems. 

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        Pierre Frey
        F3702002 Hendaye
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        • Flint Terracotta
        • Linterno Fabric : St Moritz/Nobili