Toyine’s interest in weaving began while working as an interior designer with Peter Marino, who has been instrumental in guiding her to the next phase in her life. Thanks to him, Toyine discovered an amazing world of incredibly passionate, talented and devoted artisans. Falling in love with their creative process and passion, Toyine returned to Europe where she selected weaving as her medium of expression and founded her atelier in France in 2010, near Lyon, an area rich in weaving history. With no prior weaving experience, her first moments on the looms where very creative where error and imperfections led to discovery. Now, working with highly skilled weavers, she often tells they need to “unlearn” what they were taught and let the mistakes happen, but only to a point, she is also very exigent about the quality and the beauty of her work.  

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        Pierre Frey
        F3702002 Hendaye
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        • Flint Terracotta
        • Linterno Fabric : St Moritz/Nobili