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Home Office

Latest lifestyle news: the home office is the new corner office. So, let’s rethink the working space at home. When shopping for the perfect home office, first you need to find the right desk and the right chair. That’s where you make a statement about your taste and personality. No matter what you choose, remember that your desk cannot even remotely look like a working station! And the same applies to your desk chair too: look for something comfortable and aesthetically appealing at the same time. After all, it is about comfort, without sacrificing style.

Our selection of desks encompasses most styles, including some re-issues by the Brazilian masters of mid-century modern in the likes of Jorge Zalszupin and José Zanine Caldas that can be paired with desk chairs made by the same designers. If you want to add gravitas to the setting you might consider looking for literal presidential desks: a bespoke iteration of the K Desk by Thierry Lemaire is now gracing one of the offices of French President Emmanuel Macron, in the Elysée Palace.

Since working remotely is the new normal, we’ll help you make a virtue out of necessity: The Invisible Collection presents a curated selection of designs that will liven up and beautify your home office. All our designs are created by contemporary star designers, including AD 100 listers, and are handmade by the best craftsmen in Europe.

What else do you need for your home office? The answer is: the right lighting fixtures. We have an incredible selection of one-of-a-kind desk lamps and floor lamps, encompassing most contemporary styles. In addition, we included some iconic re-issues designed by Pierre Chareau and Pierre Paulin.

Finally, we can’t stress enough the importance of styling your home office with Zoom-worthy designs: display some eye-catching objects that are useful and elegant at the same time. Add a vibrant accent by repurposing a colorful stool or an outstanding marble vase; divide the space with a flamboyant folding screen…

Enjoy browsing our selection of designs for your Home Office on The Invisible Collection!

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