Calanque Coffee Table by Charles Zana

Stories Editor's Pick Calanque Coffee Table by Charles Zana

Charles Zana has always had a deep passion for the Mediterranean Sea. Its outstanding beauty is an endless source of inspiration for the French designer who can turn a simple idea into a magnificent design. 

The Calanque Coffee Table in bronze is a tribute to the Mediterranean creeks – calanques in French – found all around the city of Marseille. The juxtaposition of the three irregular elements on the top is a poetic interpretation of the large stones worn out and polished by the waves over the centuries.    

Sculptural and at the same time decorative, the bronze surface captures the light and radiates it, like the sun’s reflections on waterThe elegant, irregular shape lends the piece a dreamy quality of timelessness. If one looks at it for long enough, they might even hear the soft, regular sound of the waves…  

The Calanque coffee table is handmade by the best French metalworkers, and is available through The Invisible Collection. 

Charles Zana

More than an architect and interior decorator, Charles Zana, is a curator of unique interiors, filled with stories and meaning, warm and reflective of the lives of those who happily live in it: emotions are an architectural element in Zana’s world. In order to achieve the best, Zana surrounds himself with the most talented craftsmen. Like an orchestra conductor, for each new project he brings together and leads the best artisans, lighting designers, and landscapers to play a “décor symphony”. All these talents – his orchestra – are the well-tuned players in shaping a project through all its stages, from conception to completion, always serving the higher purpose of creating the most harmonious interiors.  When the last note echoes at the end of a flawless execution, the audience is in awe, begging for an encore…

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