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Aline Hazarian’s first memories date back to the time when, still a toddler, she would help her mother decorate their home, and learn about design, fabrics, materials… She learnt about shapes and styles, about artisanship and creativity. Even as a child, she knew that she wanted to become an architect and create beautiful interiors. After graduating at Beyrouth’s School of Architecture, she immediately started designing furniture for her entourage. A traveler at heart, she now lives between Paris and the Middle East, and she is the proud mother of twins.


Signature Style

“I only design the pieces that I would want in my home”, says Aline when talking about her work. “In a way, my designs are a reflection of my personality”. Friendly and strong at the same time, classical with a twist, bold and refined: her remarkable creations always stand out, yet, they blend magnificently in any décor. Aline favors bronze, “an ancient material that appeals to the contemporary customers, and wood “a living, breathing material”. Inspired by the great aesthetic movements of the 19thand 20thcenturies, particularly art nouveau and art deco, Aline does not follow trends, rather aiming at creating a timeless collection of designs. A sculptural feel imbues each piece, which is carefully handmade and cast in Aline’s own foundry.


The spectacular mix of polished and patinated bronze that gives to each piece a sense of lightness; playing with the contrasting nature of the finishes – opaque/shiny – as well as with the sense of scale and proportions. The coffee table Anahit is the perfect example of this exquisite balance; whereas the side table Haldi brings out Hazarian’s poetic touch as the pink bronze table top is cast in a fingerprint pattern, as if the surface were the seabed where the water sculpts the sand. Each piece comes in a limited edition.

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