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Arthur Casas reissued by Etel

Since the late 1980s Arthur Casas has become one of the most prolific and innovative architects in Brazil. With working studios in both Sao Paulo and New York, Casas’s projects can be seen in many of the world’s capitals, including Paris, Tokyo, and Buenos Aires.

Born and raised in Sao Paulo, Casa is strongly influenced by the city’s cosmopolitan spirit, something that inspires him to stay connected with the design community all around the world. This ethos marks all of Casas’ work, which is defined by his very eclectic and ever-changing creativity. As an architect, Casas has a unique approach by refusing to define and stick to any given style, which results in a constant evolution of his architectural and design signature style.

Casas strongly believes that architecture and interior design are inextricably related: he visualizes and embraces the spaces he designs on the one condition of comprehending the furniture that was created or chosen for them. Being a craftsman himself, he aims at creating simple designs freed from all unnecessary details, imbued with artisanal qualities. A great advocate of the mid-century modern aesthetic and of the rich Brazilian wood making tradition, Casas creates unique, contemporary pieces of furniture full of character and produced with an unfailing commitment to the environment and to sustainable practices.

Recipient of many international awards, Casas designed the Brazilian Pavilion for the 2015 Expo Milan.

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