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The Invisible Collection presents Créations Dragonfly, a new home collection designed by Stéphane Parmentier for Le Domaine des Étangs.

Le Domaine des Étangs is a resort unlike any other: a “guestcastle”, a luxurious spa, a Zen haven, a place of exquisite and discreet elegance… Recently opened, the restoration and refurbishment of this magnificent 11th century castle, nestled in a vast natural park graced by the presence of a fantastic pond, lasted five years. It was when meeting all the local craftsmen who worked on the estate’s renovation, that Garance Primat, the ever-so-chic owner of the castle, had the idea of asking them to lend their expert hands to the making of a collection of home objects, thus promoting their unparalleled skills and know-how.


Under the artistic helm of designer Stéphane Parmentier and in close collaboration with Garance Primat, the artisans have created a series of works inspired by the traditional local crafts. The collection fully embodies Primat’s philosophical approach: the harmonious relation between man and nature, the transmission of knowledge and values, the emotion of beauty, the poetry of fragility, the eternal return of things… Perhaps the best example of this approach is the series of plates Essences Précieuses.  Porcelain plates stored for scrap because chipped and cracked, but which find a new life thanks to the old Japanese technique of Kintsugi: each crack is repaired by hand with a lacquer mixed with gold powder. These golden lines on ceramics are much more than a decorative motif, as they become a metaphor for renewal, for the beginning of a new cycle: what could be more poetic? We find the same poetic approach in the title of this collection, Dragonfly, chosen by Garance Primat because it evokes aerial lightness, the feeling of floating between the earth and the sky…

We have selected exclusively for The Invisible Collection a series of pieces that we simply love: the plates, of course, an exquisite porcelain tray sheathed in leather, some magical candle-holders, mohair plaids lined with silk threads and cashmere plaids, all hand-woven, porcelain cups embellished with a hand-gilded dragonfly…

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